Protecting Your 2nd Amendment Rights On A Local, State, & Federal Level

About Us

Gun Rights Across America
Gun Rights Across America
Our Founder, Eric Reed is a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter and gun owner.  He decided that apathy in the gun rights community and mis-information put out by the media and politicians needed to be addressed by real gun owners, not just talking heads.

Gun Rights Across America began as "Gun Control Equals More Crime" and morphed into GRAA after our January 19th "Guns Across America" rallies. We are proud to work with amazing gun rights advocates in all 50 states!

Gun Rights Across America is a citizen led, grassroots effort to protect and promote the 2nd Amendment on a local, state, and federal level. Our goal is to educate citizens and elected officials regarding the 2nd Amendment, gun rights, and firearms in order to preserve our freedoms and liberties in the United States. We will make the public aware of laws or regulations that infringe on our right to bear arms, and will shine a light on politicians who do not wholly support the Constitution of the United States.